My mom told me that I was baptized as an infant and so I really didn’t need to get baptized again, or see the significance of it, if I can say that. Yes I’m born again, have been for a while however I still didn’t understand why I needed to get baptized… Until I got to Hatfield Christian Church North. I am a first year at Belgium Campus, I’m from Vosloorus (Johannesburg) and my home church is Assemblies of God, yes they do baptism, most of the time for infants.

So when I got here, it really was a great experience to learn that baptism in a Christians life is essential because I choose that life for myself as a believer. From the baptism, I take a decision to obey God and to live a heavenly life…a new life!

We found a real sense of belonging and love. The most important thing is that we are spoken to in truth and through that we gained a lot of understanding in the practicalities of life and through the fellowship of the people we felt acceptance. A place we now call home.
I grew up in church, in Primary and High school I had a lukewarm relationship with Jesus that I never really took seriously.
In High school we started to party and drink, and as I indulged in alcohol and used girls I grew worse and worse in my spiritual life. There was a void that no party could fill.
In 2011 some friends invited me to church, that night I decided to recommit my life to Christ. I this time I made a DECISION that I will take it seriously. Since that day God has cured the ‘incurable’ disease that I had, He has blessed me with joy and peace and He has been with me through every trail and tribulation.
My life has never been the same since. Glory to God.