Where can God use your talents?

We believe that worship plays a crucial role in every member as well as in leading the congregation into the very Presence of God on Sunday’s celebration services. The Worship Team comprises of musicians, vocals, choir; supported by  sound and multimedia.
Worship is the DNA of and HCCN’s heart core and we see it as a daily lifestyle. 
Life Groups are the fundamental lifestyle of HCCN. In weekly Life Group meetings members participate in the life of the Church, spend time fellowshipping, worshipping, discussing the Bible, praying for and serving one another, and reach out to our communities. Ultimately, a Life Group is the place where spiritual growth and true discipleship takes place.
Our Children’s Church staff believes in the spiritual potential of each child. We believe that children should be, born-again and Holy Spirit-filled, not shying away from sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world.
Children are invited to children’s church as our vibrant teachers equip children in different the age groups, ranging from 3 years to Gr 7.

As followers of Jesus, we have received His clear instruction to “Go!” (Matt.28:19) which requires of us as a church to “Send!” (Acts 13:3)

Those who have been saved, shepherded and equipped are ready to be sent, to impact our communities and wherever they go expand God’s Kingdom in the earth.

The HCCN Training Centre is passionate about seeing God’s people become mature in the knowledge of Jesus Christ through the studying and application of His Word.

We offer a wide variety of courses aimed at equipping the believer and ushering them into the fullness that is available in Christ.

We believe that the involvement of every member is required for the Body of Christ to function optimal, and that the quality of servanthood should be displayed through the ministry of helps in every congregation. The Internal Ministries aim to serve the congregation through various platforms during our Sunday Celebrations!