Hatfield Christian Church North is a vibrant passionate church in love with the Lord Jesus Christ and with a simple motto: PEOPLE MATTER. The church was established with a heart to see all people being connected into God’s family and His purposes. Hatfield Christian Church North is excited about making a difference in every life and to see the Kingdom of Jesus Christ being established. 

The Church is led by the Senior Pastor and Visionary Board with a strong Management Operations team looking to all of its day to day activities. Our Church Services are focused on Worship, the Word of God and practical activation in everyday life.

We welcome you to join us as we gather on Sundays for our main celebrations on the following time: 

8 AM10 AM, 5 PM
Join us  for our Mid-Week Miracle Services on Tuesday evenings from 6 PM

For more information please contact the church office on (012) 542 9000 or alternatively send an email to admin@hccnorth.co.za