Love for the dead


The Book of Ephesians chapter 2 starts with the ridiculous statement that God loved us and through His mercy and grace send Jesus when we were still dead in our trespasses and sins. This advocates that God gave everything for an enemy that only potentially would become His friend. Scandalous.

But it was this love for the world, the needy and the dying that kept Jesus on the cross. I once saw a vision of Jesus hanging on the cross; pain and agony all over His face, blood everywhere. In this vision, He said to me “I did not do this for you only but for all”!

“All? Why all Jesus? That makes no sense.” I asked. “Exactly son, that is why My love makes miracles.:

As a pastor, I have seen many things regarding church over the last 15 years. I grew up in church and for the last 35 years have not escaped the boundaries of church. But the church can be a devilish place full of people that seek themselves, their own self-interest and their own sinful desires. Many have left seeking greener pastures but finding none. Many have been destroyed by protocols, principles and disciplines that are not derived from the Word of the Lord nor from the heart of God.

It is a sad but true story. Satan has effectively infiltrated many churches with his “love for self” over Jesus’ “love for your neighbor” (Mark 12:31) principle. Loving self comes natural; loving others is unnatural, unless you remember what you have been saved from. “Those that are forgiven much love me much” (Luke 7:47). This category of people keeps their own shortcomings in their hearts and the enormity of the grace of God as their fuel to seek and save the lost. A dying breed.

If you pick up the newspapers today it is saturated by selfish people and corrupt individuals that seek their own self; people who have forgotten the Divine grace of which we all can be recipients of. Politicians are riddled with corruption – love for self. People in power abuse the weak – love for self. Ridiculous ill administrations are at the order of the day – lust of the flesh. Millions are spent on selfish agendas, insatiable lusts and the lust of the eyes. This should not be, yet it is., Why? Because we love ourselves more than we love others. – A simple truth, yet it is denied by white collar and blue collar alike.

What about sinners? Imagine the worst type of sin and what your response would be? If it is anything short of love we need help! That is exactly why the Scripture depicts – the Baptism of love – Romans 5:5. I truly believe we cannot love people nor God without the Help of the Holy Spirit. If He does not help us our efforts will be in vain and our lives ruined by quick doses of self-absorbency.

This was the truth I discovered on a beach in 2012. I was walking on the seashore, promotion was at hand, I had officially become the “boss”, yet my enemies were still in my midst. As I walked on that beach God came to me and said, “Now that you are in power, will you take revenge?” My head said ‘yes’, but my heart said ‘no’. As an honest simple child, I responded “What do You want from me?” He just said, “Default to being yourself!” I knew what that meant. That meant becoming me; who I really was.

Was He suggesting I wasn’t myself all this time? If not, then who was I? I struggled with this concept, but I knew He wanted me to throw off all things that turned me into someone else but the person He created me to be.

That took courage for days, weeks and months as I forced myself into love. It did not come natural, it was a struggle. Loving people is not for the faint of heart. Over the years God stripped away from me all obstacles that stood in my way from becoming a vessel of love and hope. I am still a massive work in progress, but He is taking territory and I am remaining under His instruction.

In essence, God has called us to surrender the dead places in our lives. This is so that we can love the dead places in others in order for all of us to experience life.

Life is most definitely not the accumulation of receiving, but the accumulation of becoming less. Less of self, more of Him. A call to death, a call for the brave, and a call for true heroes!

Loving people truly and deeply will take a lifelong commitment to advance not yourself, but others. Within this is the mystery of the Gospel, it is Good News to all. Are you ready for the challenge? 

Love it


Love – what a natural unnatural thing. For many of us extending love comes naturally towards ourselves, but not so naturally towards us. To really show love and care requires an extra mile of desiring other people to succeed more than you. In principle, most Christians will claim this but in practice, almost everyone fails this command.

As I grew up in the Christian church I became aware that the love I knew as a small boy become less and less as I grew older. It was almost as if every new season in the world diminished the love for people and directed it more towards love for self.

The great apostle Paul heeded these very same words in his books to Timothy, where he states that “in the last days people will be lovers of themselves” (2 Tim. 3:2). Because we live in these last days, we must default back to loving people the same way God loves us.

When I look at my own children love comes so naturally as they are born from me through my seed. Everything they would ever need is provided by my love. Even if I should sacrifice myself, I will gladly do so for their success. A father’s responsibility is to go beyond duty to a place of self-denial and a place of death. If I look to God He is much the same if not better. His love for us has no limits, where we as human beings are limited all the time.

It makes no sense that God would give His own Son for “whosoever” would believe. Would you give your best for “whosoever”? That is a ridiculous statement, but exactly what God did: He gave His Son for “whosoever” would believe with the full knowledge that not everyone would believe. Hence, He gave His all, knowing that all would not respond. This is crazy, this is scandalous! Why would He do something like this? Unless love is not something He does, but WHO He is.

The other day my second daughter committed a wrongdoing, which I found ridiculous. She messed up her very expensive gift by pure laziness; it rather upset me as I understood the value of the gift. My fury was fueled by her “no-care” attitude and her nonchalant approach to expensive gifts. But as I was on my way to apply the fivefold anointing (the laying on of hands) God spoke to me and said, “Son is this not the way you treat my Gift so frequently?”. I know His voice and I knew He wanted to show me something so I said, “Yes Lord”. He responded by saying the following: “Most of my kids treat my Gift cheaply but I don’t condemn them. My Son condemned sin already”. When God speaks to you like this you know that much change needs to occur. Most of us are still responding to what we believe is right and wrong, whereas love goes beyond right and wrong and does that what is good.

Many years ago, I was in a desperate place of rejection, loneliness and betrayal. In this cave experience I cried out to the Lord and said, “Jesus if you still care, if you still love then walk over to me now”! I actually did not expect Him to do anything but what happened next surprised me. In an instant, an angel of the Lord appeared in my room and he said, “I have been send by God to strengthen you”. This occurrence has happened many times since. One night an angel of the Lord woke me up and told me to eat the golden fruit in his hand. It was a weird color, nothing like I can describe, but as I ate the fruit I gained strength, the angel went on to smear this fruit all over my body and power went into my bones. The next morning, I woke up with new strength, vigor and passion.

You see, Love is not a principle; it is a Person who takes a lot of interest when it comes to the well-being of His children. It is so unnatural to think that as earthly parents we know how to take care of our kids, but with God we expect so much less. Is it possible that we have forgotten the central under-girth of the Gospel – that we are loved? And that because of that great love we have become inheritors of His divine predestination according to His will and pleasure? Essentially it remains true that most people don’t believe that they are loved! That is why to this day, Christians are seeking love in places and destinations that can provide nothing but a moment of satisfaction.

As humans and as Christians we have to come to the knowledge of His love if we ever hope to be reflectors of His love. Lucifer made that mistake; He was once a reflector of glory as his name describes – Lucifer (phosphorus) the one that is a reflection of glory, not the producer of it. Lucifer became Satan when he forgot that he was a reflector and not the producer, a recipient and not the source. So many Christian hearts have become dull and immersed in religion as they have become fixated upon themselves, just like Lucifer. They have forgotten the true meaning of being recipients.


Highly Favored

In 1 Samuel 16:11-13, we find the story of God sending Samuel the prophet to go and anoint a new king. As Samuel arrived at the house of Jesse, Jesse presented his best 7 sons, but God said “no” to them all. Eventually Samuel asked, “Are these all the sons you have?”. Implying that all of the sons looked good, but none of them were chosen. Jesse answered and said there was one more, but he was with the sheep, to which Samuel replied to call for him. As David came in, he smelled like sheep: dirty, tired, undervalued, under-appreciated, smelling like acts of service. As soon as Samuel saw him, God said, ‘This is the one, anoint him as king.’ You see, David was not counted worthy in his own father’s eyes to be king, he had the lowest rank in his family, he was despised, only good for the sheep. But God chose him. 

In the same way, you might have a low rank in the eyes of people: outcast, rejected, betrayed, alone, and afraid. However, God specialises in choosing people like you and me. In actual fact, if He chose you – it does not matter what others say. We can phrase it like this: it is not what you have, but Whom you have. You have the King and that makes you chosen. As you journey through 2018, remember that you are chosen. As with David, God will prepare you behind the scenes to put you on the scene. You will go from zero to hero. From infamous to famous, from poor to rich, from sick to whole, all because you found favour with the King of Kings. Snatch this for yourself! Highly favoured, deeply loved, abundantly blessed, chosen by the King!

JOY! Magazine (February 2018)

Faith Is Now


Many believers today live in despondency, seeing little or zero results in their faith. For most, Christianity has become a routine, an experience, or an event with little results! Yet Christianity is the most exciting life experience – each day holds new victories! Hallelujah! You were not created to be normal; in every human heart beats the nature of God that whispers “it is possible”! We know this to be true; every believer has the need within themselves to see the supernatural power of God at work in their lives. The supernatural power of God simply implies the ability of God manifested on earth through the agent of man. As Jesus prayed, “Let Your Kingdom come, let Your will be done as it is in heaven let it be so on earth” – Matthew 6:9-10.

This reveals God has a heart’s desire to see heaven manifest in the here and now. As Scripture declares “Now Faith is . . .” – Hebrews 11:1. Faith is not a futuristic dream or principle, nor is faith an intellectual precept – faith is a spiritual force by which you can see God manifesting His heart in your life! Faith is now! What does this mean? It simply implies that the Lord wants you to have a now attitude. A faith attitude, “now faith is”! When we look at Scripture we see that Jesus did not send away one person that approached Him with a tomorrow mentality or response. Each person received their healing, breakthrough, or deliverance immediately! We cannot settle for things Jesus died for, that would be an insult to God. Jesus died for your healing, do not settle for sickness. Jesus died for your peace, do not settle for anxiety, fear, or depression. Jesus died so that you may be blessed, do not settle for poverty! Faith is now! Take your portion today!

JOY! Magazine (December 2017)

2018 Is Payback Time!


The Book of Isaiah speaks about restoration (Isaiah 42:22). In this Scripture the word “restore” means to decree and make known, in other words to align your mouth with the Word of God (Heb 4:12). However, God cannot restore if His people do not announce a time of restoration. Satan is the thief and he only comes to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10), but God wants to bring life and life abundantly! In this year, God is going to restore your health, wealth, joy, relationships, and time! Satan’s time of thievery has run out on the people of God. Even though things in the world will go from bad to worse, the Body of Christ will shine like the sun and have an abundance. 

We shall not be touched by the accuser of the brethren as the Lord is our helper, deliverer, and stronghold. Choose today to align your heart, mind, and mouth with the Word of God and decree restoration! Finally, Scripture declares that if the thief has been caught out, he should repay sevenfold that what was taken, now is that time! Now is the time that you must claim back what is yours! By Faith it is done in the Son! 2018 is payback time!
Prayer: Father, thank you that I can decree restoration over all areas of my life, in Jesus’ Name. Thank you that I will see satan paying me back sevenfold that what he has stolen from me, this I receive by faith in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

JOY! Magazine (January 2018)