Our Children’s Church staff believes in the spiritual potential of each child. We believe that children should be born-again and Holy Spirit-filled, not shying away from sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world

Our children are not only the leaders and the church of tomorrow, but also the church of today.
It is our desire that each child would realise their potential in God – that they would know that they are important, and that they have something to offer those around them.

Children are invited to children’s church as our vibrant teachers equip children in different the age groups, ranging from 3 years to Gr 7:

Sparklers:    Age 3 years to Grade 00
Lasers:        Grade R
Torches:      Grade 1 – Grade 3
Flames:       Grade 4 – Grade 6
XY Flares:    Grade 7 
We trust that your children would benefit from the time they spend in Children’s Church and that they will grow in their walk with the Lord. We would like to see children’s lives changed! 
Service Times: During School Terms       First Service: 8am    Second Service: 10am
For any further enquiries, please contact children@hccnorth.co.za